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How to activate preview features in Power BI

Activate preview features in Power BI it’s pretty simple.

  1. Access your Office 365 portal:

  2. Click on Power BI

  1. Sign in to Power BI, if necessary

  2. Click on the “Settings” wheel in the top right corner

Select “Settings

  1. Access the Tab “General”

  2. Select “Preview features” in the left menu

  3. In the “Preview feature settings” you will see

Early access to features Get early access to new features and experiences in Power BI before they are released to all users. Learn and provide feedback.

  1. Select “On

  2. Click “Apply

If you want to know more What are Preview Features, click here:

  1. You have now access to Power BI Preview Features!

  1. You will notice that it’s following the same layout as Office 365 Groups and other Microsoft Modern UI’s.


  1. In case you want to turn it off, just repeat the steps above, but selecting “Off” – super simple…

Let’s take a look together:

  1. See below some of the layout changes:

  1. Navigating between Dashboards, Reports, Workbooks and Datasets:

  1. Using the “Search” capability

  1. Navigating between Power BI Groups / Office 365 Groups:


Hope you enjoyed!

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