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We were #1 in the Top 10 blog posts in 2016 for the European SharePoint

I’m happy to announce that we were #1 in the Top 10 Blog Posts 2016


We have also done other posts that worth check it out:

The top 10 list is here:


1. Publish Power BI Report to SharePoint Online by Allan Rocha, MVP

In this post find out how to publish a Power BI Report to Web, or SharePoint Online, or Project Online. Read more HERE

2. Office UI Fabric Icons for SharePoint Developers by Sonja Madsen

Using SharePoint CSS, SharePoint controls, icons and colors is integral part of SharePoint development. It is like an archaeology expedition. A lot of time is spent digging and diving into the files of the Layouts folder, using browser developer tools, reading blogs or browsing the code in SharePoint Designer. Office UI Fabric changes all that. Find out more HERE

3. 15 Reasons Not to Use Folders in SharePoint (and 3 reasons why you could) by Simon Hudson

In this blog post, Simon Hudson explains his hatred for folders as a means of organising content and has come up with 15 reasons why you should avoid them – and three exceptions when it is okay to use folders- read more HERE

4. The 5 Biggest SharePoint Myths…Busted by Chris Duke

SharePoint, as most of us understand, is a powerful platform for being in control of content but there are still many myths that get written about and presented via various press and social sites which often hamper adoption across companies. So in this article Chris Duke busts the most common ones we hear at trade shows and read in different wires, yammer and user groups. Read more HERE

5. Making our App Mobile with PowerApps by Julian Kirkness

From a series of articles focusing on actually building an AWA based solution, this article looks at the options available to you for making your Apps mobile with Microsoft PowerApps. Read more HERE

6. Microsoft Graph API – A Single stop for your Cloud Solution by Dipti Chhatrapati

This blog post is to help you to build a Cloud App using Microsoft Graph API as per your business requirement that works with data from different cloud services whether it’s a OneDrive, Outlook, Office 365 Groups, Users and many more. Read more HERE

7. Be prepared for the SharePoint framework by João Ferreira

The SharePoint Framework was announced on 4th of May and it introduced a new model to develop SharePoint webparts that is radically different from its predecessors. Find out what it’s all about – read more HERE

8. Taxonomy navigation components for SharePoint Online using Office UI Fabric and JSOM by Franck Cornu

In this blog post Franck explains in detail the mechanisms for achieving a taxonomy navigation menu in SharePoint Online using Office UI Fabric and the JavaScript Object Model. Read more HERE

9. The Horizontal Hybrid: Power SharePoint JavaScript code with ASP.NET Core 1.0 Web API by Sonja Madsen

Sonja Madsen, MVP, tells us what we should be doing with SharePoint add-ins and how we should be using ASP.NET Core 1.0 Web API. Read more HERE

10. Managing Office 365 with PowerShell by Corey Burke

Once you’ve bought into the Cloud and O365 as the future for your business, the next steps are to determine how you want to manage yet another IT app. It is important to understand what options are available for managing your O365 tenant in a way that minimizes its impact on your users and IT staff. Here, PowerShell automation is your friend. Read more HERE

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