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Announcing the new Microsoft Project and ProActive unified PPMPRO

The new Microsoft Project is here.

According to Microsoft:

The new Microsoft Project is here. Reimagined and redesigned, Project is better than ever and powerfully simple. Experience project management on a whole new level.

Microsoft Project got a fresh makeover. Check out the intuitive, new interface with built-in connections to Office apps. Try it out and manage like a boss:

The new project provides a unique modern and intuitive interface, that goes even beyond that, because it is fully interactive.

Users can work on their projects in the way they want, but with a single source of truth. The same information can be consumed in different ways, according to your preferences or needs.

Below you can take a look in details on the “Project for the web”:

The new “Project for the web” is built on top of the Microsoft Power Platform, which gives a huge number of new opportunities and capabilities.

I also would like to share what we at ProActive A/S have already created on top of the “Project for the web” and the “Power Platform“.

We have built a PowerApp where all your project and portfolio information is consolidated, an unified solution.

PPMPRO > unified PPM

We took advantage of the existing capabilities of the “Power Platform“, like live connected reports to build a predefined set of dashboards that are interactive and personalized for each profile.

We also provide a unified idea management solution, that can also be used for demand management within your organization. These ideas or demands can become actual projects in the new “Project for the web” when approved and selected.

Our unified PPMPRO Solution helps your organization get the process right and without complications. We support PMI, Prince2 and one of the most innovative methodologies Half Double for Portfolio, which we are exclusive partners of Implement Consulting Group.

Like every other organization, WE LOVE ♥ Microsoft Teams. So, we enabled a seamless integration between your projects in “Project for the web“, the “Power Platform” and “Microsoft Teams“.

The same plan you have seen it in the beginning of this post, using “Project for the web” is fully integrated with our unified PPMPRO Solution, giving the users a unique interface to manage all their information.

Because we are using the Power Platform and Model-driven PowerApps, everything has responsive layout and dedicated mobile app:

We know resource management is an important topic for several of our clients, so we developed a “unified Resource Management” module that supports most Resource Management Maturity Frameworks available in the market. It is fully connected to your project in “Project for the web” and the “Power Platform“.

We are also partners with, which offers an amazing and unique solution for resource management and more…

We also provide simple, comprehensive and standards unified modules for: Risk Management, Issues Management, Lessons Learned and others.

Due to our exclusive partnership with Implement Consulting Group and our solution built on top of the Half Double for Portfolio methodology, we also have implemented an innovative and disruptive concept of a “project heart beat“, which translates into the “Pulse Check“:

To ensure that the entire project team have a safe and secure place to collaborate and share knowledge via documents or any kind of information related to your project, we automatically provision a dedicated Microsoft Teams and an Office 365 Group for you.

To take full advantage of the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 capabilities, we provide a fully automated Word document generation based on your own templates. Take your Project Brief, Business Case or a Status Report and generate a physical document with a click of button:

We are using native Power BI integration to provide quick insights about your project directly to your users. Define a standard and start enabling your users to get quick overview and analytics of their projects.

Many of our customers are also looking for a sustainable hybrid solution that can support traditional waterfall projects, but also agile oriented projects. We incorporated OnePlan integrations into our unified PPMPRO solution to syncronize Azure DevOps with the new Modern Project.

Azure DevOps it is a well known tool that helps organizations manage their agile and DevOps projects.

We do support Jira, Trello and others tools as well.

Thinking about portfolio prioritization and how to facilitate the dialog between stakeholders and the business demands, we developed the Portfolio Priority Grid based on the Half Double for Portfolio methodology.

It is a priority tool that goes beyond the scientific evaluation of projects and instead enables a leadership dialogue on priorities for your portfolio.

“Prioritisation is key to reducing the waiting time for important critical projects, and thus creating maximum impact as quickly as possible, minimising the cost of lost opportunities due to delays.” by Half Double for Portfolio

This is a glimpse of what you can do in the new Microsoft Modern Work Management Ecosystem with ProActive unified PPMPRO.

If you interested in know more about it, do not hesitate in contacting us or me directly on

Hope you liked this inspirational post.

Allan Rocha, Director – Project Services at ProActive A/S.

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