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Dubai International Project Management Forum 2018 | Personalized Project Management through Artifici


Be part of the Region’s Largest Project Management Event and join my session at #DIPMF2018Dubai International Project Management Forum 2018 about Personalized Project Management through Artificial Intelligence.


Monday December 10, 2018 10:00am – 10:30am

Allan Rocha CEO at / Senior Manager at ProActive A/S

Would you like to know how to leverage artificial intelligence and cognitive services to empower project managers and PMO’s with their daily tasks and activities?

How today’s available cutting-edge technologies in combination with +50 years old algorithms can revolutionize the way users are managing their projects and interacting with each other?

How it feels to have an intelligence and personalized personal virtual project management assistant, available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, that knows everything about your organization’s processes, procedures, projects, resources and on top of that is able to recommend and help you take better decisions?

Allan Rocha will explain and demonstrate how using machine learning algorithms and cognitive services integrated with powerful cloud computing, exclusive developed to support project and portfolio management, became an intelligence virtual assistant that, in the near future, will be helping you.

Come see how this works in real-life and what is behind it.

Session take-ways:

  1. Learn how to drive more adoption to your project management software with a personalized and intelligence chat-bot assistant

  2. Understand how to take full advantage of available cutting-edge technologies to drive business transformation into your organization

  3. Experience the future of project work allowing users to interact with their project management software by just using natural language in several idioms

  4. Sense how artificial intelligence is changing the way we work with projects

  5. Get inspired by several different applications of machine learning in project & portfolio management

  6. Take a look behind and see how an intelligence virtual assistance is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms

  7. Watch a live demo and feel how this works in real-life.


2018 Venue:


DIPMF 2017 – Highlights

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