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Personalized Project Management with AI – featuring Allan Rocha and Ricardo Vargas [#Microsof

Personalized Project Management with AI - Microsoft Canada - PMOtto

Work smarter, save time and money, and transform team engagement with PMOtto: a new, game-changing, personal digital project management assistant. PMOtto is an intelligent chatbot that gives you answers to questions, delivers responsive data about your projects, and performs project tasks – all in an easy, natural way, so you can focus on what matters. See it in action!

Monday, March 12 | 1:00PM – 2:00PM EST




Allan Rocha

Founder and Partner at Manager at ProActive A/S

Allan has more than 15 years dedicated to the Project and Portfolio Management discipline.

Living in Denmark for the last 6 years, leads a high-performance team focused on using technology to drive business transformation at ProActive A/S.

Founder and partner and of, the first Personal Project Management Assistant powered by bots and artificial intelligence, which is disrupting the way we manage our projects. Author of 3 books, main collaborator of several communication channels and recognized international speaker when talking about innovation and adoption of new technologies.


Ricardo Viana Vargas

Founder and Partner at

Ricardo is a specialist in project management and strategy implementation. Over the past 20 years, he has been responsible for more than 80 major transformation projects in several countries, covering an investment portfolio of over 20 billion USD.

He is currently partner at and the Executive Director of the Brightline Initiative™, a coalition of leading global organizations from business, government and NFP sectors, dedicated to provide a knowledge and networking platform that delivers insights and solutions to successfully bridge the gap between strategy development and strategy implementation.

Vargas has written 15 books on the subject of project management and also host one of the most relevant podcasts in the field – the 5 Minutes PM Podcast with more than 4 millions views.

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