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Skype Broadcast: Effective Project Management with Project Online

Join us for an enthusiastic Skype Broadcast about Effective Project Management with Project Online.

Click here to watch now:

Below a little taste of what we are going to present:

See how you can

  1. provide help and support to your users

  2. without any extra effort,

  3. just by giving them instructions

  4. directly into your Project Detail Pages.


Learn how PMO’s can

  1. keep your organization always updated

  2. with the latest templates

  3. and how to quickly roll out new ones.

PPMPro Template Pack

And to make ALL USERS happy, let’s

  1. generate a LIVE PowerPoint presentation,

  2. using data from Power BI,

  3. directly from your browser,


  5. SHARE with your team in your Project Site,

  6. ATTACH and SEND by email

all this without any code or customization!

Status Report PDF
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