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Announcement: Project Online Project Publishing Improvements

performance improvements

Sharing some good news about the Microsoft Project Online.

The Project Product Group have been working hard on improving the performance in Project Online, specially on the project publishing process + others that we cannot see.

Project publishing is one of the most important processes executed by a project manager or anyone who needs to share or make the latest information about a project available for the entire organization.

The changes are:

  1. When you click on “Publish” from your project schedule web part, in Project Online, you no longer need to wait and look at the ‘Publishing‘ notification, while the project is being published to the server.

  2. You can now work on something else and let Project Online queue jobs do all the hard work publishing and synchronizing your project data.

  3. It’s also possible to click on a shortcut that will bring you directly to the queue jobs, just in case if you really do need to keep watching the publishing progress.

The new notification message is:

Submitted publish queue job.
View its status here.
You may now safely leave this page.

Looking a little closer:

And take a look at all the steps:

  1. Modifying my project plan and clicking on publish

1-changing and saving

The new performance improvement and notification message

  1. Looking at the queue job status and progress

3-checking the queue

Thank Microsoft!

Brian Smith – MSFT on August 23, 2018

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