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Office 365 user view access to Project and Roadmap

Very good news for all Project loversMicrosoft has announced/published on April 10, 2020 that:

Office 365 users* will have view access to Project for the web and Roadmaps!

This is indeed great news to any company who wants to share or communicate Project or Portfolio information across the entire organization. In many cases, the user does not need to interact with the Project plan, but just read it… The same with Managers, who just want to follow-up on their Portfolio deadlines and key dates without changing anything. This is for you!

I believe that since the beginning of my career in the Project field, 17 years ago, if someone wants to see your Project plan or your portfolio of projects, that user must have a Project license. No discussion… If that someone wants to read a report with data from Microsoft Project, the same conditions are applied: Project license were required.

Seems that this has changed now! 🙂

By introducing the read-only or view access to Project plans and Portfolios with Roadmaps, Microsoft will allow and enable thousands, if not, millions of new users to see the benefits of a good project planning and how this projects are impacting the whole company portfolio.

You can find more information about what Office 365 subscriptions have view access here:

Office 365 subscription with view access

Currently, users that have the following Office 365 licenses assigned to them will have view access to Project for the web and Roadmap:

  1. Microsoft 365 E5

  2. Microsoft 365 E5 Developer (without Windows and Audio Conferencing)

  3. Microsoft 365 E5 without Audio Conferencing

  4. Office 365 E5

  5. Office 365 E5 without Audio Conferencing

  6. Office 365 E5 without Power BI and Phone System

Thank you for reading… enjoy your Project view access…

Allan Rocha

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