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Breaking the Wall between Users and Tools: Project & Portfolio Management, chat-bots and machine

Breaking the wall between users and tool - article

The project and portfolio management area, for the last years, has improved considerably in many aspects: frameworks, processes, methodologies and even the tools, like Microsoft Project and Project Online, which is now supporting agile in the standard product.

But even with all these improvements, we are still doing everything in the same way. We are still estimating our projects or tasks in the same way, allocating resources or assigning them to tasks, filling our checklists or creating documents. All exactly in the same way, based on our experience and knowledge.

I believe we all agree that it is time to go one step further, we need to bring innovation to the area without losing the core principles that helped all of us build this culture of managing projects.

And that is exactly what we are proposing with the exciting and innovative combination between the power of the machine learning algorithms and cognitive services together with chat-bots and your favorite tool.

“The only way to understand the impact of this new era is by embracing it and accepting that technology is here to drive transformation in our old ways of work.”Allan Rocha

But this is a good thing, who does not want to have their own personal assistant?

Let’s dream together and try to imagine a world where we, project managers, will chat, talk, ask our questions, like we were talking to a colleague across the desk, and he will reply always with the right answer and guidance. These days are now, the cycle of innovation that we are is based on AI or artificial intelligence, and it’s going change our way of working, for the best. Trust me.

  1. It will be easier estimates your tasks and projects, and they will become more accurate day after day.

  2. It will be easier to request a resource for your new project, and this resource will be a perfect match for the team and the task.

  3. It will be easier to understand and follow the processes while running a project.

  4. It will be easier to remember what is missing to be delivered and also the way you will deliver.

  5. It will be easier to learn a new tool, because you actually don’t need to…

  6. It will just be easier…

Don’t be scared about machine learning and chat-bots. They are here to stay and will make our life and work easier.

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