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Create your Microsoft Project Online Content Pack for FREE in Power BI

Hello All,

The Microsoft Project team have created a Power BI Content Pack for Project Online, ready to use, for FREE and it’s now available for you!

it’s incredible simple to create:

  1. Access

  2. Get started (for free) or sign in

  1. You will see the Get Data page automatically,

  2. or click on the Get Data button in the bottom-left of the Power BI page

  1. there many services available for you to start creating your dashboards, but take the important one for now:

  2. click on Microsoft Project Online

  3. then click on Connect

  1. type your PWA URL, https://%5Byourtenant]

  2. click on Next

  1. wait a second…

  2. select oAauth2 as Authentication Method

  1. wait for Power BI to import your data…

  1. in few seconds you will see the new Microsoft Project components in your left bar:

  2. Dashboard

  3. Report

  4. Dataset

  5. Remember that you must have data…

  1. Try to click on any of the tiles in your dashboard

  2. You will be redirected to the associated report

  3. In the reports you can fully interact with the data

  4. Filtering

  5. Highlighting

  1. Remember to check all available tabs..

  2. Issues

  3. Project Status

  4. Project Compliance

  5. Risks

#PowerBI #ProjectOnline

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