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How can artificial intelligence revolutionize project management? #THEProjectAI @MicrosoftFrance #P

2018-02-21 The project AI france - Allan Rocha

How can artificial intelligence revolutionize project management?

Tuesday, March 13 from 9:00 to 13:30 L’Elyseum – 20 Rue Quentin-Bauchart, 75008 Paris, France

We are pleased to invite you to our exclusive event:

“How can artificial intelligence revolutionize project management? “ So you can discover how the new Microsoft innovative technologies can impact the lives of actors in business project management.

Anticipate skills and resources Capitalize on the experience gained within organizations to anticipate future resource needs: artificial intelligence and machine learning can be the solution!

How bots can make everyday life easier Who has never dreamed of an assistant to make life easier? A bot is exactly that: a companion in its screen to answer questions intelligently, to guide and support users in their daily activities. Check out PMOtto, the personal assistant for project managers from Denmark, presented by Allan Rocha, MVP Project

Better anticipate project-related risks Microsoft technologies offer solutions to fulfill the ancestral wish of project managers to identify and manage the risks inherent in their projects as soon as possible, rather than managing problems that could have been avoided or more anticipated. The respect of the costs and deadlines of the project depends greatly on it.

Join us to discover new possibilities.

9h00-9h30Breakfast – Home9h30-10h00Introduction – What is AI? What are the issues around data?10h00-10h30How can Microsoft cloud solutions and AI help project managers be more effective?10h30-11h10Demonstration: AI applied to project management11h10-12h10PMOtto – The intelligent assistant of project managers12h10-12h20Conclusion12h20-13h30Buffet – Networking


Lionel Billon Director Data & IA Microsoft France

Vincent Capitaine Expert PPM Microsoft Corporation

Sihame Aarab Data Scientist Microsoft France

Allan Rocha CEO – PMOtto

Ricardo Viana Vargas CEO – PMOtto

Annamaria Porzioli Chef de Produit Office 365 Microsoft France

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