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I will be speaking at Tech Tales 2020 – Denmark

ProActiveA/S is proud to be a sponsor of the Tech Tales event on the 22nd of June 2020.

22nd of June 2020

At Tech Tales at home, the most tech savvy people have been invited to join online and explain their area of expertise without using buzzwords and abbreviations, so EVERYBODY understands the purpose and potential.

In total, five presenters will each spend 15 minutes sharing their tech tale outlining a complex area in a simple inclusive language.

From ProActive, myself: Allan Rocha, MVP, will be attending as keynote speaker, where I will be talking about the COVID-19 chatbot we created in close collaboration with Microsoft and the Capital Region of Denmark.

There will be a lot of interesting information about how we went LIVE nationwide in less than 48 hours and what actually happened, behind the scenes, until then…

For more information, attend the Tech Tales event here:

thanks… Allan Rocha

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