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How we developed the COVID-19 chatbot for the Danish health care system in collaboration with Micros

Here’s a little preview of the Tech Tales event.

Allan Rocha from ProActive A/S has made a Tech Tale about how they developed a COVID-19 chatbot for the Danish health care system in collaboration with Microsoft over just a single weekend.

This is truly a story showing how tech can make a difference for people and society!

Allan Rocha highlights how important it is to iterate between technical development and quality assurance from health care professionals to ensure correct information, a good user experience and a secure and stable solution.

When we create technical solutions, it is not sufficient to only have a skilled technical team. It is also necessary to have professionals from the given field!

If you combine skilled tech teams with specialist knowledge, you get magical tech solutions like the COVID-19 chatbot, that adds value and makes a difference!


That is why we want to show through Tech Tales that tech is for EVERYONE, not only for those who have grown up in front of a computer. We need everyone to come up with great ideas based on new technology and that requires from ALL of us to get a basic understanding of tech


We hope to see you all tonight!

Enjoy Allan’s great tech tale and do yourself a favour and watch the full video



Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/220892852294315/permalink/294765611573705

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