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IntraTeam: Breaking Down The Wall Between User And Tools with >> Meet Otto, Your Per

Agenda for this network meeting

At this network meeting we will share knowledge about business development, digitization and artificial intelligence.

22. november. 2017 10:00 – 14:00 at Carlsberg


Breaking Down The Wall Between Users And Tools with

Meet Otto, Your Personal Project Management Assistant

Imagine a world where the users will ask questions in natural language to a personal project management assistant using their favorite chat or instant messaging tool. Each user will have their own personal AI project management assistant that will read, listen, understand and translate those questions into actions on your PPM tool, which is your organization’s place to store and organize data and processes.

Imagine also that your personal AI project management assistant will learn and become smarter day by day based on your way of work. He will also learn from other users in your organization and know all the best practices in the market which allows him to recommend and suggest the best options for your tasks. That is how the future will be.

We will be exploring and demonstrating a little bit of how a personal project management assistant can change the way you work.

More information about this meeting here:

More information about here:

About IntraTeam

IntraTeam is a Danish company established in 2000, which specialises in providing knowledge services on intranets, digital workplaces and general internal communication. The company runs 20 community of practice groups on different topics within the digital workplace with around 200 members from some of the biggest companies in Denmark.

Other major business activities of the company include organising events and workshops, benchmarking intranets and digital workplaces, intranet consulting and yearly international conference – IntraTeam Event Copenhagen.

IntraTeam Event Copenhagen is a three days conference for all intranet and digital workplace team. It gathers around 200 professionals each year, since 2006.

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