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Publish Power BI Report to SharePoint Online

We can now publish Power BI Reports to Web, or SharePoint Online, or Project Online to be specific.

It simpler than you expect… BUT BE AWARE that your data will be publically exposed!!!
  1. Create your Power BI Report

  2. Publish it to Power BI

  3. Access your Report

  1. Click que File

  2. Click on Publish to web

  1. Click on Create embed code.

  1. Click on Publish.

  1. Copy the HTML code.

  1. Access your PWA.

  2. Edit the page and add the Media and Content – Content Editor webpart.

  1. Click on Edit Source.

  2. Paste the HTML Code and click OK.

  1. Stop editing and DONE!

  1. They are also fully functional!

  2. Click on the charts parts to interact.

Credits to my friend: Paul Mather

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