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Adding External Content to Power BI

Like I said before, the sleepless Power BI Team continue to add new features to its product!

Now it’s possible to add External Content to your Power BI Dashboard… cool right?

Let’s see how this works:

  1. Access your Power BI Portal

  2. Select any Dashboard

  3. Click on Add a Widget in the top right corner

  1. We have 4 different types of widgets to add

  2. 1. Image

  3. 2. Text box

  4. 3. Video (External)

  5. 4. Web Content (External)

  6. Click on Video – Display a video in your dashboard.

  1. Fill out the information about your video:

Tile details

  1. Title

  2. Subtitle

  3. Set a custom link (if you want)

  4. URL of custom link


YouTube URL

  1. Click on Apply

  1. And that is it!!!

  2. You have now your Power BI Dashboard presenting external content!

  1. You will see exactly the same using your mobile device

  2. iPad

  1. iPhone

Hope you liked it!

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