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Announcing Refresh Support for Power BI Designer files in the Power BI service

Microsoft just announced Refresh Support for Power BI Designer Files in the Power BI service


That means that Microsoft has enabled data refresh:

  1. “Refresh Now” or

  2. “Scheduled Refresh”

for Power BI Designer files (.pbix) uploaded to the Power BI service.

Power BI now has support for refreshing data, reports & dashboards coming from the following data sources:

  1. Azure SQL Database.

  2. Azure Blob Storage.

  3. Azure Table Storage.

  4. Azure HDInsight.

  5. Azure Marketplace.

  6. Dynamics CRM Online.

  7. Facebook.

  8. Google Analytics.

  9. Salesforce Objects/Reports.

  10. OData feeds.

  11. Web (HTML & Web APIs).

This functionality has been one of the most frequently requested features from Power BI users and Microsoft and all of us are excited to light it up. Refresh support for additional data sources, including on-prem data sources, and the ability to overwrite uploaded files are also coming very soon. Please stay tuned for updates…

How can I refresh my Power BI Designer reports?

First of all, you will need to create your report using the Power BI Designer. You can find plenty of examples to get you started with the Power BI Designer in our Help Articles.

Install the Power BI Designer (Desktop App)

Create your Power BI Designer File

Create your Queries

Create your Report

Uploading your Power BI Designer File to Power BI Service

  1. Access your Power BI Preview (

  2. Click on Get Data

Select Power BI Designer File à Connect and select your .pbix file

Wait for the upload

Under Datasets click on SCHEDULE REFRESH or REFRESH NOW

Updating your Credentials

  1. My data source is based on Project Online OData Feed [Reference].

  2. You must select oAuth2 in the Authentication Method.

  3. Click on Sign In.

  1. Now your Data Source Credentials should be set.

Setup a Schedule Refresh

  1. This will automatically refresh your data source

  2. allowing your users to access your dashboards with no waiting time! SUPER COOL!!!

Refresh Now

  1. Just click on REFRESH NOW to refresh your data source on demand

More info about Refresh Data In Power BI [click here]

The official Microsoft blog post is here

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