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How to Remove a PWA Instance from Office 365 without blocking it for 30 days

Recently Microsoft has introduced a new limit of PWA (Project Web App) instances of 7 (seven) instances per Tenant.

But what happen when you delete a PWA instance using the Delete button?

You actually send this site collection to your recycle bin and will block that instance for 30 days

In most of the cases we delete PWA instances when they are DEV or TEST environments and I don’t want to wait for 30 days to create a new environment… (and start crashing it again…)

Here it is the right way to delete a PWA Instance without affecting your PWA instances availability.

  1. Go to SharePoint Admin Center

  2. Select Site Collections

Select your PWA instance site collection

  1. Click on Project Web App button

  2. Select Remove

  3. Select Disable

  1. Be sure you have disabled all Project Web App features from your site collection

  2. Select the same site collection

Click on Delete (the same as before)

  1. Look at the note… you have 30 days to restore this site collection…

  2. But we don’t want that right now…

  3. Select Delete

  1. Wait for the deleting process

  2. And there it go…

  3. You have again an available PWA instance to use it… J

Next post I will show how to create and change the PWA instances permission mode…

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