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Installing Power BI for Windows Phone and accessing a Project Online Dashboard

Yes! Microsoft is releasing new features for Power BI every week!!!

So now, we will see how to install Power BI for Windows Phone.

Basically what you need is:

  1. A Windows Phone

  2. A Power BI account

How to Install Power BI for Windows Phone

  1. You can download the app by clicking on the icon below or here:

  1. If you accessing this link using your computer or mobile phone, because of the Windows Universal Apps, it’s the same app and link!

  2. Below is the view using a computer with Windows 10

  1. Now you can see the same link, but using a Windows Phone

  1. You can also open the Windows Store

  2. Search for “Power BI

  3. Select the 1st result

  1. You will see the app description

  2. Click on the button saying “FREE

  1. Wait for the app to be installed

  2. Access your Apps page by scrolling to the left

  3. The Power BI app will be on the top

  1. Click on the Microsoft Power BI app to executed

  2. Few screens of introduction will be presented to you

  3. You can see it or skip it

  4. You will also see 6 samples, feel free to explore them.

  1. We will connect to an existing Power BI account

  2. The dashboard we will see is based on Project Online data

  3. Click on Sign In

  4. Type your username and password

  5. You will see a screen telling you that is all done

  6. Click on Start Exploring

  1. You are now connected to your existing Power BI account

  2. You can access all your dashboards and enjoy all the BI capabilities directly in your mobile

  1. You can even share your reports directly from your phone

  2. Click on the Share Icon in the bottom of your screen

  1. And below is the email I received

  2. Really cool right?

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