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Office 365 PPM Campaign – Effective Project and Portfolio Management with Project Online

Effective Project & Portfolio Management with Project Online

Streamline project and portfolio management in your organization with Project Online

Microsoft Project Online is a powerful, flexible and user-friendly tool in Office 365, which makes it easy to get started quickly and to realize your projects business value. Project Online provides to project managers, project participants and especially portfolio managers the right tool to support their daily tasks.

  1. Demand and innovation management

  2. Knowledge sharing and team collaboration

  3. Project Governance

  4. Financial control

  5. Resource Management

  6. Prioritization of projects and portfolios

  7. Overview of progress

  8. Management information with KPIs

  9. Project Planning

  10. Effective reporting with out-of-the-box reports

  11. Document Management

  12. Strategy Management

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