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Power BI – Bring data to life (Skype)

That is our agenda:

Power BI is a powerful tool to visualize and analyze data and gives users some unique opportunities to have business data presented on various devices.

Senior Consultant Allan Rocha from ProActive demonstrates how Power BI can increase the spread and the rate of use of business intelligence and create value in the organization.

We review the main features and the most obvious applications and shows how the Power BI is linked with other Office 365 services.

Watch our Skype Broadcast video now



Understand the structure of the Power BI elements in a nice way:


Get the full picture of Power BI license model: FREE or PRO


Learn how to import your existing Excel Reports to Power BI


Ask questions about your data and let Power BI create the charts for you!


Access your data anywhere, anytime with Mobile Apps


See Cortana live in action integrating with Power BI and GET AMAZED!!!

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