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Power BI & Project Online – REAL CUSTOMER CASE – Webinar

Hi All,

Do you want to get impressed by Power BI and Project Online at the same time?

So tomorrow is your luck day… J

Join me for the webinar together with Microsoft Denmark when I will show you the POWER of POWER BI in many aspects…

I will also present a REAL CUSTOMER CASE that LOOKS AMAZING!!!

Special thanks to: Claus R. A. Paulsen, CIO / IT Director at DT Group.

See you all there! J

You are all welcome to join our webinar, but remember about the language: 50% Danish, 50% English,

WEBINAR SUBJECT: 60 Minutes Online: Get all of your data into a single dashboard with Power BI.

Allan C. Rocha Partner and Consultant Director at Projectum

Lars Bo Granath Forretnings ansvarlig at Microsoft Danmark

DETAILS (translated to English): In less than five minutes you can begin to create personalized dashboards and reports about your data and find answers to your most important questions. Visualize and analyze everything in one place with the new version of Power BI and share it with the organization.

Come and hear the possibilities with the new Power BI, which is a cloud-based self-service business intelligence solution for both small and large companies.

Hear also Allan C. Rocha from Projectum tell about DTGroup’s experience with Power BI.(this will be in English)  

Målgruppe: IT ansvarlige

v. Lars Bo Granath, Forretnings ansvarlig – Information Platform, Microsoft Danmark

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