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Project Online & Office 365 Requirements

Project portfolio management options

 The following table lists the PPM options that are available.

OptionDescriptionProject OnlineA monthly subscription service that is offered as a standalone service or as an add-on for Office 365 customers in the Enterprise, Education, or Government service families. Project Online cannot be added to Office 365 Business plans. To learn more about Project Online, see Getting Started with Project Online. To buy Project Online, see Project Online.Project LiteA monthly subscription service that is offered as an add-on for customers who have Project Online. Project Lite cannot be added to Office 365 Business plans.

Organizations must have Project Online in order to use Project Lite. Project Lite is suitable for project team members to manage their tasks and timesheets, and collaborate on projects. Depending on their role, users are assigned either the Project Online license or the Project Lite license (but not both).

To learn more about Project Lite, see What can team members do in Project Online? To buy Project Lite, see Project Lite.Project Server 2013An on-premises option purchased as a single download license.

Office 365 service families and plans

 The following table lists the different service families and plans available in Office 365. For a high-level overview of features and pricing information, or to chat with an online representative, click any of the links in the plans column.

Office 365 service familyPlansBusiness (Maximum of 300 users)Office 365 Business Office 365 Business Essentials Office 365 Business PremiumEnterprise (Unlimited number of users)Office 365 Enterprise E1 Office 365 Enterprise E3 Office 365 Enterprise E4 Office 365 Enterprise K1Education (Unlimited number of users)Office 365 Education E1 Office 365 Education E3 Office 365 Education E4Government (Unlimited number of users)Office 365 Government E1 Office 365 Government E3 Office 365 Government E4 Office 365 Government K1

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