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What is coming to Power BI Designer is really Exciting

I have to confess that I never use Power BI Designer too much mostly because I think the design of the charts are terrible! And even worse, I’m not allowed to change anything… I SAID, ANYTHING! But this situation is just about to change!

BREAKING NEWS: Design is the priority 1 next goal for Power BI Designer

Here are the next Microsoft goals for Power BI Designer:

Design – we want the Power BI Designer to be the tool that unifies all Power BI client experiences.

Users – we want to empower as many people as possible, by removing friction and limitations at each opportunity, and by making Power BI Designer free for everyone.

Development – we’re striving for continuous and incremental releases (no more long, multiple year development cycles) that enable us to try out things quickly, and importantly, let us rapidly respond to customer feedback. 

So, what should you expect to see next? 

The Power BI Designer team is working on our first update for the summer. That update will be significant, and will signal a new phase in our product development. To date we have mostly invested in the modeling and query capabilities, but starting with the first summer release users will see heavy investments in the Data Exploration & Reporting capabilities in the product. While it might be bit premature to go into detail, it’s not premature to provide a teaser… (hey, the Star Wars trailer was released in April for a December screening – I promise we won’t have to wait that long to experience some of the new features!). 

Please take a look at this amazing screenshot below and just be happy! J

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