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Edit SAP data directly in Excel

Hi All,

Look at this new amazing capability coming to Excel Client, Online and iPad

Excel add-ins and extensibility solutions for Office 365

Basically what you can do is:

  1. Open your Excel anywhere (Client, Online or iPad)

  2. Connect to your ERP (SAP in case)

  3. Show this data in your Excel

  4. You can now visualize, pivot, build charts with your data

  5. You can edit this SAP data inline

  6. Directly from your Excel

  7. Compare the source values in SAP and your new values

  8. Save your new data directly to SAP

  9. All this without leaving Microsoft Excel

This feature can actually be extended by developers just by using HTML and JavaScript. Combining with your own ERP web services or, maybe a Project Online App for financials, you can allow your users to edit their financial information directly into Excel and save this data back to the server.

Amazing, right? So many possibilities to use this feature…

Enjoy the video:

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