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Microsoft Project FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

There is a very useful page for a new or an experienced user of Microsoft Project!

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Project, including:

  1. Project Online,

  2. Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365,

  3. Project Professional, and

  4. Project Standard

Below is the current page content (22/04/2016), but I highly recommend you to access the page directly here:

Project Management (Desktop)

Windows 7 or later is required to install Project Professional 2016.

Which browsers are supported with Project Professional 2016 synchronization to SharePoint Online or Microsoft SharePoint 2016?

Internet Explorer 8 or higher, and latest version in-market of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Can previous versions of the Project desktop co-exist with the new Project desktop SKUs?

The new Project SKUs are designed to run side-by-side with existing Project applications without the need to uninstall previous versions.

Can I install the Project Pro for Office 365 on multiple PCs?

You can install Project Pro for Office 365 on up to 5 PCs.

Can I open my Project 2007 files in Project Professional 2016?

Project plans from earlier versions of Project can be used in the new Project providing users all the benefits of new product or service. To avoid compatibility issues when sharing your new Project files with Project 2007 users, save your project as a Project 2007 file format.(note – Project 2016, 2013, and 2010 share the same file format)

How can I ask a question or send feedback about Project?

You can connect with us on the Project forums.

What are the differences between Project Professional 2016 and Project Pro for Office 365?

The core features of the two products are identical. Project Professional has a perpetual license—once activated, the software will not expire. Project Pro for Office 365 requires an active Office 365 subscription.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

What’s the difference between Project Online and Project Server 2016?

Project Online is our new online project and portfolio management (PPM) service delivered through Office 365 and Project Server 2016 is our on -premise project and portfolio management (PPM) product.

What are the supported web browsers for Project Online and Project Server 2016?

Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 8, FireFox 10, Safari 5, Google Chrome 17.

How can I access Project Web App (PWA)?

You can access PWA through Project Online or Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365. Or, if you have Project Server 2016, you can access PWA with Project Professional 2016 when connected to Project Server 2016 or a client access license (CAL).

Can previous versions of Project Server co-exist with the Project Server 2016 on one machine?

Project Server 2016 cannot co-exist with previous versions of Project Server. More information about upgrade and migration planning are available on TechNet.

Does Project Server 2016 include SharePoint Server 2016?

No, Project Server 2016 does not include SharePoint Server 2016. However, you need to install SharePoint 2016 prior to installing Project Server 2016. More information about hardware and software requirements is available on TechNet.

How can I ask a question or send feedback about Project?

You can connect with us on the Project forums.

Where can I find more resources about Project Online or Project Server 2016?

There are many resources available online:

Thanks to André Xavier for sharing this page. 🙂

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